About Us

Ceylon Olive is the product of Sri Lankan family’s love of offering warm hospitality to everyone they meet and their desire to share that hospitality in a magical peaceful oasis

The owners were born and raised in the exact place Ceylon Olive is built. The old Ceylon Olive house sheltered 5 children and a mother whose hospitality was legend among neighbors and relatives. The land and forest where the villas lie made up the playground and home for the 5 children who grew to have a dream of what this stunning plot of land could hold. The hill overlooking the forest is a natural retreat in the middle of a city complete with relaxing spots under the shade of mature trees that monkeys call home.

The family has created the perfect place to experience their authentic Sri Lankan heritage while also relaxing in the luxury of contemporary accommodations. The family designed and decorated each space themselves, and the personal touches in each room show the guests that the hosts know exactly what guests need for a perfect holiday. Comfortable outdoor seating on the patio, colorful and relaxing indoor seating made for lounging and plenty of space to enjoy any activity that may make the holiday special.

The owner and family members are on site to ensure guests enjoy their stay, and every need met as each guest makes unique precious memories and Ceylon Olive becomes a place to return to again and again